A small border town, one of the furthest away from Novgorod. It is perhaps more accurate to refer to Nustok as a farming community, a loose collection of convenience centered around a Monastery of the Redeemer. Though Nustok knows no formal government (community decisions largely taking place as informal town meetings in the town square), Novgorod nevertheless stations a garrison of 7 Imperial Soldiers here, and the locals, though they have a say here, generally turn to the trio of Ivan Maslov, the local nobleman; Lukin Tomilin, the captain of the town patrol; and Father Superior Konstantine Stenghel, the town priest, as figures of authority.

Prominent Figures

  • Ivan Maslov: a local nobleman who owns the majority of the land surrounding Nustok. Large framed, jovial, and looking forward to producing his first ever vintage of native wine. A Goliath.
  • Captain Lukin Tomilin: the captain of the forces of Novgorod, a grim-faced tiefling.
  • Father Superior Konstantine Stenghel: a dwarf, meek and pious, who heads up the local congregation.


Affiliation: Empire of Varang
Population: 63
Government: Informal Town Council

Associated Areas


  • N/A


  • Zelenyi Region


  • Smith: Yes
  • Magical Items: No
  • Stables: Yes
  • Housing: Yes
  • Food/Drink: Yes
  • Clothing: No
  • Medical Care: Yes
  • Medical Care (magical): No
  • Miscellaneous: Crafting of a few goods, mostly carpentry


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