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On the use of the Main Page

The main page should ideally be used as a sort of hub for all information in this campaign. Therefore, I highly suggest creating the following sections/pages, and later detailing them. The information provided should be in-character. Actual statistics, skill challenge tables, etc. should be located in the GM only section.

Campaign Description

This campaign is named Ephemeral Nocturne. Shrewd individuals may note blatant references within the title, but otherwise it’s fine to take it as the bizarre sort of word salad title people think up when they’re trying to quick about making an awesome sounding name, and thus largely meaningless. The campaign takes inspiration from the following sources, which should tell you what type of campaign this is: Yeats, Irish mythology, the (Russian/Polish/American) Enlightenment, Steampunk, British Imperial Colonialism, Treasure Planet, Steamboy, Jules Verne, Robert Louis Stevenson, etc.

In other words, the campaign setting features:

  • A similar political climate to the late 1700s and early 1800s
  • Magic being studied like a secular science, but unfortunately largely by amateurs in the nobility
  • Double standards between “advanced” nations subjugating “primitive,” previously unexplored worlds
  • An all-encompassing but increasingly fragmented major religion
  • Court intrigue, ambition, revolution, and people getting sent to nunneries
  • Guns take half an hour to reload, but somehow airships and powerful steam technology still exist
  • A virtually nonexistent middle class between a gigantic class of serfs and a foppish gentry
  • Men wearing breeches, waistcoats, neckties, and possibly those bizarre white curled wigs
  • Women being forced into corsets, wearing whale-bone hooped skirts, and sporting hairstyles reminiscent of the same British uniform hats that made them such unfortunately excellent target practice
  • Child labor
  • Exploitation, slavery, desecration of holy lands, plundering, mass-murdering, and stealing the territory of natives
  • Fantastic racism

Goals in this campaign include allowing the players to do their normal world-destroying, item-stealing, temple-plundering, wanton-killing shenanigans, but to elicit the appropriate moral and emotional reactions from them.

Main Page

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